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Membership at American Legion, Dept of Michigan,

Wilber-Bartlett Post 315 of Brooklyn, Mi. 49230


To be a Legionnaire:


        We follow the eligibility rules set by National and Department Hq. which state; anyone who served 24 hours of active duty during the two periods of April 6, 1917, to Nov. 11, 1918, and Dec. 7, 1941, and continuing until the War on Terrorism is declared ended. Any Veteran or Active duty military with a valid DD-214 are eligible. If you are a reservist A DD 214 is issued for the time on federal active duty only if the reserve component member has been on Title 10 status for 180 days. A DA-1059 is issued for completion of a school with a character type of discharge. All reserve components send their members to basic training using Title 10, Subsection 672/12301 orders. If a traditional National Guard soldier or airman (i.e., one never stationed with an active-duty unit) performed basic training during The American Legion’s eligibility period, he or she would qualify for membership because that time on active duty was federal Title 10 Subsection 672/12301, duty. The soldier/airman would not have a DD 214 but would have a copy of the Title 10, Subsection 672/12301 orders qualifying their membership. Verification by a Post Officer or membership specialist is required. If you have a question please call us or drop in for a visit and chat with a membership specialist. You may down load and fill out an application or use one we keep at the Post. Verification with be required before we will process any application So for the short version, if you have a DD-214 or a Title 10 subsection 12301 you are eligible


Transfer of membership:


    All charters of the Legion has the authority to transfer. Membership transfer from one post to another is handled by completing the Member Data Form. The right to transfer does not include the right to be accepted by any post. Members still must vote upon acceptance of the applicant. Being the member of more than one post at one time is a violation of the American Legion Constitution. Formal transfer is the only method of transferring from one post to another so continuity of American Legion membership is not broken, and it is available to members in good standing.

See or call a membership specialist, If your dues are current you get a free transfer by completion of a Member Data Form. If you need to pay dues we can accept the payment and instigate the transfer electronically.

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