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If you know of a Veteran that you would like to be recognized, for their military service, the 2nd District has a ceremony they offer called Honorable Service Recognition. The ceremony can be held at the Post, in someone's home, a church or assisted living facility.

The Veteran will receive a lapel pin of crossed flags containing the U.S. Flag and the flag of their branch of service. There will be a certificate of recognition from the Department of Michigan 2nd District. If their spouse is still alive, the spouse will also receive a lapel pin that say's "Proud Veteran Spouse."

The ceremony can be for one or several Veterans. Please contact one of us for further details or if you would like to schedule a ceremony.

Norm Soli, District 2 Chaplain


Home: 517-795-1540

Cell: 517-812-1312


Phil Ruede, Post 315 Chaplain


Cell: 386-451-7057

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