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To enhance the well- being of America's Veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.

The bartenders do not handle Membership!

If you need help with your Membership, please call your Unit rep. That is Bill McMurray or George Bruder for Legion, Lori Booth for Auxiliary and Keith Schultz for the S.A.L. Go to the Contact page for their phone number or the phone number of the Unit commander to get help.

Come help us clean the Legion!!!

We will be at the Post 0900-1800hrs, Monday, 6 Jun to give the inside a good G.I party and clean up the outside. . If you can stop and help please do!!!


American Legion Post 315 Golf Scramble!!!

Saturday, August  20, 2022

Check out the Flyer

What we do here!!!

The Honor  Guard has done 12  events this year.



$2500 for the Children's Christmas Party

$2000 on Christmas Gifts for our members and families in need.

$1600 + food for Brooklyn Food Pantry

$1000 to Post 26, Mayfield, Ky to help with tornado relief.

$5000 raised for Janet Planet relief

$300 in gifts to Napoleon Schools for families in need.


$1500 to Veteran family in need.

$350 for Flags to Napoleon Memorial Program 


$60 for the Napoleon Lions

$400 for Hudson American Legion SAL.

$300 for Second District Post Everlasting


Interested in VA care but the VA is too far away? Hit the buttonm below and see how you can access VA Telehealth.


New Info from the Service Officer

I have a used electric wheelchair available for any Veteran or family member. 

Electric Wheelchair 20 Sep 21.jpg


50% off Sherwin Williams  paint

 One of our fellow members at another post has an offer for us on Sherwin Williams paint. His card is below along with the account number. I have been told that all you have to do is give the account number at any Sherwin Williams store and get 50% off.


From the Desk of the Commander:


  I would like to congratulate Antoinette Kettner, Post 315 Service Officer, for her appearance on the front page of the American Legion Auxiliary Magazine. She has worked tirelessly to support her husband, Jason, as a Veteran Caregiver.  If you would like to read about her story and that of her husbands, please press the button below to read the magazine article. Very informative and educational on the life of a Veteran Caregiver and the hurdles they encounter on their journey.






















  The Auxiliary will be conducting their Cash Bash on Saturday, 14 May to fund raise for their various causes. Please help out the Auxiliary and attend. Hit the button below to access their flyer.

  Volunteerism is the key to service organization success. I have over 1300 members in the Post but I always see the same volunteers. I know most of you joined to support Veterans or to honor a Veteran and volunteering is a great way of doing both. Please help. To the right (laptops) or below (cell phone) is a list of volunteer opprotunities. All you have to do is call or text the Point of Contact (POC) and they will set you up. Again, please help to make your Post better.


   I encourage that everyone pays their dues as soon as possible. The Bartenders will be checking everyone's Card when they come in even if you are a regular to ensure you have paid. Please cooperate with them as this is the only way to ensure we do not violate our liquor license. If you have some issue with that, come see me or your respective Commander or President. 

                     Thank you,

                                   Mark Young


                                      Up Coming Events

May 14                         Auxiliary Cash Bash                         1900-2300hrs

May 21                         Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

June 18                        Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

July 16                         Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

July 30                        Fools Fait Band                                 1900-2300hrs

August 6                      Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

August 20                   Post 315 Golf Scramble                    All Day

August 27                   Fools Fait Band                                 1900-2300hrs

September 17             Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

October 8                   Post Closed (Hunters Gun Raffle)   1700-2300hrs   October 15                Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

October 20                  Witches Night                                  1900-2300hrs

November 11              Veteran's Day Open House             1100-2300hrs

November 19              Act III Band                                       1900-2300hrs

November 24              Post Closed (Thanksgiving)              All Day        November 26             4th Annual Blues Festival                 1900-2300hrs

December 3               Post Christmas Party/Act III              1900-2300hrs

December 10             Children's Christmas Party               1300-1500hrs

December 25             Post Closed (Christmas)                    All Day

Volunteer Opportunities

Friday Dinners:

Kenny Lausch   517-499-6386

Bob Stockton   517-206-8972


Building and Grounds

Dave Moore     517-592-6981 

Ralph Long       517-474-7095


Queen of Hearts

Denny Vescilius 517-605-6561   Joann Kay          517-250-0326

Cash Bash

14 May

Jodi Wilber   517-395-7081


Poppy Days

19-21 May

See sign up roster at Post or call:

Jodi Wilber 517-395-7081

Connie Pilazynski 517-262-0192

Clean the Legion

6 Jun

Outside-Ralph Long 517-474-7095

Inside-Jodi Wilber 517-395-7081

Golf scramble

20 Aug 22

Lori Booth 517-474-2097

Scott Elliot 734-474-2714

Hunters Gun Raffle

8 Oct

Mark Oscar 734-845-2369

Kenny Lausch 517-499-6386



Poppy Days !!!


From 19-21 May, the Auxiliary will be giving out Poppies to support their many causes!!! If you can assist them please contact Jodi Wilber, Margret Boldon or Lorrie Booth for information.

13 May 22


Friday Night Steak, Shrimp and Chicken Dinner!

Dinner to benefit the American Legion Kerr-Lewis Scholarship Fund.


Looking for a Veteran event?  Do you need some help or wish to help your fellow Veterans. Hit the button below and see Veteran events in our Area.