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To enhance the well- being of America's Veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.

The bartenders do not handle Membership!

If you need help with your Membership, please call your Unit rep. That is Bill McMurray or George Bruder for Legion, Lori Booth for Auxiliary and Keith Schultz for the S.A.L. Go to the Contact page for their phone number or the phone number of the Unit commander to get help.

Come help us clean the Legion!!!

We will be at the Post 1000-1600hrs, Monday, 5 Jun 23 to give the inside a good G.I party and clean up the outside. If you can stop and help, please do!!!

What we do here!!!

The Honor  Guard has done 7 event s this year.


Veteran Pinning Ceremony

Blood Drive


Columbia Schools Cash Bash


3000 Eggs for Community Easter Egg Hunt.

$300 Brooklyn Fire Dpt.            Fire Pups Training


Four $1000 Scholarships Awarded

Memorial Day two free drinks for Veterans.

Flags for Napoleon Schools

Interested in VA care but the VA is too far away? Hit the buttonm below and see how you can access VA Telehealth.


Looking for a Veteran event?  Do you need some help or wish to help your fellow Veterans. Hit the button below and see Veteran events in our Area.


From the Desk of the Commander 
12 May 23



       I hope everyone is doing fine today and enjoying the summer weather that has finally arrived! Things are going well at the Legion and we continue to enjoy the support of our members, employees, volunteers and visitors!! Many thanks to all!!!


      2023 Post Legion elections are complete with the following results:

         Commander Mark Young

         1st Vice Harley Darnell

         2nd Vice Jason Lucas

         Finance Frank Hones

         Adjutant Greg Bone

         Executive Committee Brad Klein

         Executive Committee Paul Albrecht

         Executive Committee Dave Moore ( He was appointed to replace Jason                 Lucas's position on the EC.)

         Service Officer Mark Brown


      Both the Chaplin and Historian positions remain open as no canidates were nominated. If anyone would like to fill these positions please notify me as I can appoint you.

      Congratulations to all and I expect good things to happen over the next year.

     We are coming up on Memorial Day and we are ready to go. All coordination has been done with the Village and I am in the process of writing my speech. General scheme of maneuver:

        0730-0930hrs Legion will be open for breakfast.

        0930-1000hrs Participants move to starting positions.

       1000hrs Honor Guard moves to post in front of the Memorial

       1010hrs Commander Speech

       1025hrs Honor Guard preforms Flag Ceremony/21 Gun/Taps

       1035hrs Honor Guard returns to Post.

       1040hrs Parade commences.

As always, all Veteran's will receive two free drinks at the Post.


      Remember to check our calendar as it is somewhat fluid at times as last minute changes occur. Some of the big things coming up are:

          2. The Auxiliary Cash Bash on 13 May a 1700hrs. Stop by the Post and pick                  up your tickets!

          3. Poppy Days from 18-20 May

          4. Memorial Day Parade on 29 May


Current membership sits at 1544.

Remember Sunday Post hours change to 1000-1600hrs after Memorial Day.


From the President of the Auxiliary:


 Hi Legion Family,


      We have lots of exciting events & projects happening at The Post. Stop in & check them out or take a look at the home page. Our Commander summed it all up.


    Our Auxiliary Meeting takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 6 PM. This is a great way to get informed and involved. Be a part of something great!!!


    We apericate everyone’s continued love and support. We are The Legion! Be The Legion!

President: Jodi Wilber

Vice President: Margaret Bol

Treasurer/Membership: Lori Booth

Secretary: Brenda Schultz

Sergeant at Arms: Connie Pilaczynski

Historian: Vicky Carpentar & Sandy Brazynetz

Youth Chairman: Jodi Wilber

#LegionStrong                                                                                                                #ForTheLoveOfTheLegion


                     Thank you,

                                   Mark Young



Auxiliary Cash Bash!!

Event is 13 May 23

Please come out and support our Legion Auxiliary!!


Hit the buttons for more info!!

Queen of  Hearts Volunteers Needed!!!!

As you know, the Queen of Hearts is a one of our fundraisers for fixing our building.  As winter approaches, some of our ticket sellers head south and we are already feeling the pinch. Please help the Legion!!! 


Please call Jo Ann Kay at 517-592-9469.

Volunteer Opportunities

Friday Dinners:

Kenny Lausch   517-499-6386

Bob Stockton   517-206-8972


Building and Grounds

Dave Moore     517-592-6981 

Ralph Long       517-474-7095


Queen of Hearts

       Denny Vescilius 517-605-6561         Joann Kay          517-250-0326

Clean the Legion

5 Jun 23

Outside-Ralph Long 517-474-7095

Inside-Jodi Wilber 517-395-7081

 Hunter's Gun Raffle

14 Oct 23

Mark Oscar 734-845-2369

Kenny Lausch 517-499-6386


Free Welding Classes

Hit the button for more info!!

                                      Up Coming Events


May 13                      Auxiliary Cash Bash                            1900-2300hrs

May 20                      Fools Fait Band                                  1900-2300hrs

May 27                      Medusa Band                                      1900-2300hrs

July 8                         Volunteer Appreciation Dinner                                    August 19                 Legion Golf Scramble                         0900-!700hrs

August 19                 Metros Band                                        1900-2300hrs

September 16          Metros Band                                        1900-2300hrs

September 30          Medusa Band                                      1900-2300hrs

October 14              Hunter's Gun Raffle (Post Closed)      1700--UC

November 10         Marine Corp Birthday                      1800-UC

November 11          Veteran's Day Open House                 1100-2100hrs

November 18          Lead Foot Band                                   1900-2300hrs

November 25          Blues Festival                                        1800-2300hrs

December 2            Post Christmas Party                            1700-2400hrs

December 9            Childrens Christmas Party                   1300-1500hrs

December 25          Christmas (Post Closed )                      All Day

December 31          Post New Year's Party                          1800-2400hrs                      

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